Faerie Camp Set for June Outside Spring City

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Queer Spirit has released information about their second annual Faerie Scout Camp coming up this June 18–21 just outside of Spring City, Utah.

Queer Spirit is mostly known for conducting guided and structured retreats aimed at creating “self-awareness and mindfulness,” but interest in a simple summer gathering was repeatedly requested, hence the creation of Faerie Scout Camp.

The camp is open to any and all gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

“If you’re a gay man this camp is for you!” says Queer Spirit co-organizer Jerry Buie. “Gay men, queer men, butch dykes, bears, twinks, jocks, lipstick lesbians, FTMs, young, old, middle-aged, balding, hairy … you’re getting the point right? This is for you!”

This event is a fundraiser for the orgnization with a suggested donation of $100 per participant or $25 a day, which also helps cover costs to Wind Walker Ranch as host of the event. Proceeds help fund future Queer Spirit Activities, support the Web site and fund scholarships for those who cannot afford the expense of their retreats.

Buie says that Queer Spirit is “a community that supports each other in our interpersonal growth, awareness and joy in who and what we are.”

“Faerie Scout Camp is unique in that we will be camping in the cedar forest of Wind Walker Ranch in Spring City, Utah. We will create our own campsites, meals and focus on a collective community experience,” explains Buie

For those “faint of heart,” rooms are available at the ranch to rent.

“We anticipate over 50 participants at this camp and can easily exceed this count,” Buie says. “Some of the activities are small-group exercises by nature, while others will involve the whole camp. You’re invited to test your limits, cross your edges and step into a new and interesting place in your life. The intent of this camp is to establish a nurturing and safe place to make these explorations. You can sit by your camp, joke and laugh at the campfire, enjoy the pool or plan participation at the various events and activities. This is about community.”

The organizers are still putting together what optional workshops they will present, and are open to people who may want to present one, or simply an idea for one. Contact jerrybuie@mac.com.

“We will have talent shows, bon fires, sweat lodge, body work, and whatever participants bring or offer,” Buie said. “We all hold a piece of the queer story and you being there will enlighten and encourage us to expand our own interpersonal stories. In essence your very presence makes this gathering unique and important to all of us.”

This is a drug- and alcohol-free event, and as many gay camp-outs go, camp is encouraged.

“Bring items to make your camp pretty,” says Buie. “solar lights, pink flamingos, etc.”

“We are also seeking those who would like to donate their talent … or lack thereof … for the talent show, last year’s show was simply fun and hilarious,” Buie said.

For more information, see the event Web site at queerspirit.org/faerie_camp_09.html

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