Memo to Pride

Memo to the board of the Utah Pride Center and the organizers of the 2009 Utah Pride Festival—prominently labeled as a “program” of the Utah Pride Center:

1) Efficient nonprofits don’t charge their clients for the “programs” they offer.

2) “Programs” are not generally listed on your website as an “event” alongside other fundraisers.

3) This country’s best-run (i.e. most attended, most financially solvent) pride festivals are admission-free, supported by corporate sponsorships, vendor fees, and voluntary donations. See: San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and a host of others.

4) Utah Pride was free to attendees for over 20 years — years when potential sponsors were less-gay-friendly than they are now.

5) Encouraging the GLBT community to bring a straight ally to the Festival is great, but non-queer allies are more likely to attend a free Festival, as they did prior to the admission charges instilled in 2005.

Nicholas Rupp
Salt Lake City

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