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“It ends up benefiting the employer. If you’ve got a sick family member who can’t afford health care, that’s going to decrease your job performance.”

—Equality Utah Manager of Public Policy Will Carlson, as quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune, praising President Obama for extending health care benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees.

“Who would’ve thought it would be in Salt Lake City? They were just ready here. And I think there is something to them [the members of the South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society] feeling like outsiders in the culture of Salt Lake City that made them have a different way of looking at me being different than the normal minister.”

—Rev. Sean Dennison, a transgender man and minister of SVUUS, telling the Salt Lake Tribune about becoming the church’s minister seven years ago.


“I suppose there is little one can do to change the Festival, after all, so many enjoy trolling Washington Square for new meat, and really, who am I to judge? So let’s just enjoy it. One weekend of drunken debauchery seems worth throwing away an entire year of work furthering the cause.”

SLCC Globe (Salt Lake Community College’s newspaper) columnist Spencer Nitz, a gay man, criticizing the Utah Pride Festival.

“I was a bit miffed with your opening paragraph, as the way it is phrased implies a frivilousness [sic] that you seem to think exists, like the LGBT community really isn’t under attack all over the country or the world. Pick up the local Q Salt Lake, which you can find right on campus to read many stories from all over the world about people being unable to have any kind of pride activities at all, people being arrested and beaten up just for wanting a simple march. Read about all of the repressive and dangerous laws being passed all over the world, the defamation and mistreatment of LGBT people here and abroad.”

—An online poster using the name Daniel Miller, responding to Nitz’s column.


“The University of Utah was well represented and had the most boisterous and enthusiastic marchers compared to its peers, Westminster and Utah State, who also took part in the event.”

—Student blogger “PRAY4POW” writing about the Utah Pride Parade on RedThread, the University of Utah’s blogging and community Web site, and talking up the U’s Pride float.

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