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SNAP: Red Rock Women’s Music Festival

Utah has long been a (perhaps surprisingly) friendly place for female singers and musicians. Hey, we even had Lilith Fair here once, remember? Along with a healthy year-round music scene featuring a bevy of talented ladies including Mary Tebbs, Bronwen Beecher, Sister Wives and the campy-fabulous Saliva Sisters, we are also lucky enough to have the Red Rock Women’s Music Festival. Now in its third year, this fest (sponsored by the Utah Pride Center) showcases fabulous female musicians from a number of states — and some from our own neighborhoods, like Misty River, Rita Boudreau and Mona Stevens of Sister Wives. If you’ve attended in the past two years, you know you’re in for a treat this August. And if you haven’t gone yet? Seriously. What are you waiting for? The festival is only a month away, and tickets aren’t going to wait around forever.

SLAP: Summer Doldrums

Tap tap tap. Um. Hello? Is this community on? Speak up! Hold a rally! Do a barrel roll! Something! The more we stare at our hands here at the QSaltLake offices, the more we realize how boring our hands actually are.

SNAP: Unitarian Universalists

Well, here’s some news, and it’s actually great news. The ever gay and transgender-friendly Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations just donated $30,000 to the Utah Pride Center during its weeklong assembly in the state capitol early this month. The proceeds came from a dance the group held for couples of all sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as from the collection basket passed around on Sunday. Without a recession going on, that would be a lot of money. In the middle of a recession, that amount is nothing short of astounding (or maybe miraculous is the word we should use), and the help it will give to the Center’s youth and adult programming will be just as astounding. Our fingers are clicking for you, Unitarians! Come back and see us sometime, yeah?

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