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Quips & Quotes


–   Gov. Gary Herbert when asked by a Salt Lake Tribune reporter at a press conference if sexual orientation should be “a protected class.”

“Who knows better the needs of Salt Lake City citizens than the leaders they elected?”

–    A Salt Lake Tribune editorial criticizing Herbert and Republican legislators for their opposition to Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker’s gay and transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance.

“The gays pushed the nondiscrimination and marriage issue too strongly, and now backlash is erupting. One additional advantage for Herbert; he does have more mainstream credibility than Chris Buttars, who has allowed himself to be somewhat marginalized.”

–   “Desert Dawg,” a self-described “Utah expatriate” blogging about Herbert’s news conference on the blog “Voice of Deseret.”

“Herbert’s asshattery is precisely why we need ENDA.”

–    Gay blogger Joe Jervis, weighing in on Herbert’s press conference and the need for a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender-inclusive federal employment nondiscrimination act at his blog “Joe. My. God.”

“Utah’s new governor just made the brave move of going on record saying discrimination against gay Americans should be perfectly legal. Because you guys are, like, a special interest group.”

–    Prominent gay blog “Queerty” on Herbert’s conference.

“Gary also said it would bog the state down in “minutiae.” Really, Gary? Can I call you Gary? I don’t believe that visiting my partner in the hospital or being able to get him insurance (which we currently can’t) is minutiae. … And it’s not a “detail” that he can legally be fired for being gay.”

–    Blogger “Big Gay Jim” posting a “conversation” he’d like to have with Herbert on his blog, “Big Gay Jim’s Bigger, Gayer Blog.”

“If these were artists who sang about murdering any other group of people, no one would be booking them.”

–    L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Chief Executive Officer Lorri L. Jean, questioning why venues continue to book reggae artist Buju Banton, known for his lyrics encouraging violence towards gay men (Banton is scheduled to perform at Urban Lounge in October).

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