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SNAP: Sam Granato

For almost 20 years restaurateur and all-around nice guy Sam Granato has quietly donated elaborate meat and cheese trays to the Camp Pinecliff Weekend retreat for people with AIDS. Now he is running as a Democrat for the Senate Seat currently held by Senator Bob Bennett. It will be an uphill climb against difficult conservative opposition (either Bob Bennett, Tim Bridgewater, Cherilyn Eager or Mark Shurtleff), but we are proud of Sam for throwing his hat in the ring and balancing the debate.

SLAP: Gov. Gary Herbert

We were wary of Huntsman’s replacement even before we heard that his complete thoughts on gay rights were “I support Amendment 3.” But we did hope former Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert would go at least a month into his new term before making an ass of himself. No such luck. Of course, we should have known our new Gov. wouldn’t exactly do cartwheels over Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker’s proposed nondiscrimination ordinance. But even in our wildest dreams we never expected him to compare basic housing and employment protections for gay and transgender people to “a special law for blue-eyed blonds,” or to say that we should just trust people to “do the right thing” when it comes to not discriminating. Um, Gov.? White people (that is, the majority of blond, blue-eyed individuals) generally don’t need any explicit protections because they’re the majority. You know, the social default. The only ones who actually benefit from the racism that makes antidiscrimination laws based on race necessary. And if we’re just trusting people to “do the right thing,” why do we even bother paying our legislators to pass laws? Do you really know ridiculous you sound, or are you just not paying attention to the words coming out of your mouth? Then again, you and Sen. Chris Buttars _do_ seem to keep loosing the memo saying that you and all straight, cisgender (non-transgender) Salt Lake residents have a sexual orientation and a gender identity and so are also covered by this law, so … hell, we don’t even know anymore. Is it time for that special election yet?

SLAP: Sen. Chris Buttars (yes, again)

Speak of the devil. Can’t you wait at least until Becker actually drafts this law before making noises about writing a bill to slap it and municipal government in Utah down? Really, that’s just manners.

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