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I see that the “Christians” have taken to writing directly to QSaltLake to complain that we are hurting their feelings when we call them “bigots” and “haters”. [Letters, QSaltLake, Aug. 6, 2009]

Gee, I’m sorry.

I agree with the “Christians.” They do deserve our respect.

We should show them the same respect they show us when they cast us out, spit on us, call us vile and filthy names, tie us to a flaming faggot and burn us at the stake, beat us, torture us, kill us and lie about our nature, who we are and what we do.

We owe them the same respect they give us when they show up at our celebrations, our funerals and our worship services with their odious signs and bullhorns. Who would have thought that they would not appreciate the same courtesy!

Yes. Giving them the same respect that they show us would be refreshing.

Michael Pierce
Spanish Fork

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