Talk WITH Voters


Salt Lake City Council candidate Stan Penfold said that he “enjoys talking to voters and hearing ‘their ideas and thoughts and concerns’” [“UAF Director Seeks City Council Seat,” QSaltLake, Aug. 20].
Those of us at Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah wouldn’t know how much he enjoys talking to voters. After contacting him four times, he never replied to our questions about his campaign.

As a result, we endorsed the campaign for the election of Phil Carroll to serve as the Councilman from the 3rd Council District. We also endorsed the reelection of incumbent Councilman Carlton Christensen from the 1st Council District. We made no endorsements of the campaigns for the 5th and 7th Council Districts.

Candidates who don’t reply to the questions that are asked of them might enjoy “talking to voters,” but candidates who answer the questions might discover how much they like talking WITH voters, too.

David Nelson
Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah
Salt Lake City

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