Vote for Allies Too


I don’t know Stan Penfold. I have no doubt he’s a great guy [“UAF Director Seeks City Council Seat,” QSaltLake, Aug. 20]. I do, however, know Lisa Allcott. The reason I know Lisa is because I have been fighting to get Democrats, progressive individuals, and gay friendly candidates elected to all areas of government for a long time now. The reason I know Lisa Allcott is that she has been right there beside me fighting for those same causes. From sponsoring Equality Utah’s Allies Dinner to being instrumental in electing our gay members of the legislature, Lisa has been there as a very strong ally. She is someone I, as a gay man, trust fully to speak for me on the city council representing District 3 in Salt Lake City.

I am concerned that there is a habit in the gay community to vote for the gay candidate no matter what. I don’t disagree with wanting more gay elected official, no doubt we can only benefit from that. However, I think it is important we look at all candidates equally and realize that sometimes a strong ally voice can be just as good, possibly better, than that of one of our own.

Again, I don’t know Stan Penfold, but I do know Lisa Allcott and I support her 100 percent.

Weston Clark
Chair, Salt Lake County Democratic Party

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