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“Everyone will want to talk to the senator [Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan] and the people of Utah who want discrimination. The mess of California’s Proposition 8 will be dredged up again and again. Utah and Mormons will be vilified. Everyone will lose. There no longer will be any LGBT protection in housing and employment. The legislature will look mean-spirited and Taliban-like. Our state will look parochial and unwelcoming to outsiders. And, of course, the LDS Church will get blamed for all.”

–    Jim Dabakis, founding chairperson of Equality Utah, making a dire prediction about the fate of Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker’s gay and transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination law in the Salt Lake Tribune.

“What the governor’s remarks indicated to us was a lack of information. Almost always, if someone is willing to look at a number of personal stories, all of a sudden they may not change their mind about legislation or civil rights, but they have a more moderate stance and it’s much easier for us to coexist.”

Paul Danzig, spokesperson for the group Foundation for Reconciliation, telling the Deseret News why his group wants to meet with Gov. Gary Herbert to discuss Herbert’s stance against Becker’s nondiscrimination law.

“Yes, historians might look back on Saturday as a landmark day for gay rights in Utah.”

–    Sports Blog “The Wiz of Odds,” commenting on a video in which a male BYU Cougars fan said he would make out with quarterback Max Hall after Hall scored the winning touchdown against Oklahoma State in a Sept. 5 game.

“The last was that I was [gay]. I think they were just high and they wanted to beat somebody.”

–    Formerly homeless youth Mike Montoya, telling the Salt Lake Tribune one of the reasons two men accused of beating him last May gave for the attack.

“People would say, ‘I already did it once. Why do I have to do it again tonight?’”

– Activist Jacob Whipple telling City Weekly about declining participation in protests and other activist events for the gay community since November’s 3,000 strong Proposition 8 protest at Temple Square.

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