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California’s Proposition 8 is like a bad penny, or maybe a zombie attack; it keeps coming back and it just will not die. While the battle to send the measure back to the grave in 2010 rages on, John Marcotte is using humor to keep morale high. His Web site,, answers a question that some activists have mentioned during the Proposition 8 battle: Why don’t traditional marriage advocates lobby against divorce? Or, as Marcotte puts it, “Previous generations had it right. It’s better to stay together in a soul-sucking sham of a marriage, filled with icy silence punctuated with passive-aggressive hostilities than to admit you might have made a mistake.” Cue networks across the country running the story on slow news days and plenty of ultra-conservative dittoheads and ultra-liberal dittoheads taking it seriously. While we’re not sure if the site itself or the comments about it on are funnier, we appreciate its point about the hypocrisy and short-sightedness of Bible-thumpers who think protecting marriage means keeping gays out of it.

SLAP: To Our Community

So this isn’t really a slap, but more a gentle TAP on the nose. After last November’s protests and the January legislative session, we’ve all been a little laid back when it comes to pushing for our rights—even during those kiss-ins. Now, it’s fine to take a break and recoup, as _City Weekly_ said of us in one of its latest news stories, but we can’t afford to let that break turn into an extended holiday. On Sept. 21, DJ Bell goes to trial on child kidnapping charges that are, to put it mildly, dubious while the men who assaulted him and his partner still walk free and uncharged. Our community should show up at the Matheson Courthouse demanding justice, and show up every day until his trial ends. In July, Gena Edvalson lost the right to see her son after her ex-partner (his biological mother), hired the most notoriously anti-gay attorney in the state. The result? A ruling that co-parenting agreements are unenforceable. To protect our children, and the children of our gay and lesbian friends, we need to take this up with our legislators. And then, of course, there’s the 2010 Legislative Session to plan for. Activism is hard and tiring work, especially when we all have busy lives. But it’s work we can’t ignore. Especially now that temperatures are dropping.

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