Bruce Bastian Donates $100,000 to National Equality March

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Utah gay philanthropist Bruce Bastian will be donating $100,000 to the National Equality March, set to happen on National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11 this year in Washington, D.C. The Washington Blade reported that Bastian has already donated $70,000 to the March and plans to contribute another $30,000 “because he strongly believes it will jump-start the LGBT rights movement.”

March organizer Cleve Jones held a press call on Monday, Sept. 14 and declined to give an estimated attendance for the vent, but said, “It will be big.” He also said that the march route has yet to be determined.

He said the march has but one demand: “Equal protection for LGBT people in all matters governed by civil law in the 50 states.”

Marchers will “demand action from the federal government to protect our rights in all 50 states,” said organizer Kip Williams according to syndicated QSaltLake writer Rex Wockner. “Real equality can only come from the president, the Congress and the Supreme Court.”

Jones called for the March at the 2009 Utah Pride Festival.

The National Gay and Lesbin Task Force endorsed the march last week. Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches and Join The Impact have also endorsed the March.

On the day before the March, discharged military veterans Lt. Col Victor Fehrenbach, CPT Anthony Woods, Lt. Dan Choi and SSgt Eric Alva will hold a 15-minute “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

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