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“Heck, I’m a hard line social conservative and a loyal “Buttars Brigadier,” and I’m absolutely pissed off over what happened to Bell and Fair and the failure of the District Attorney to charge their assailants.”

–    Conservative blogger “Desert Dawg” at the blog Voice of Deseret, writing about DJ Bell’s trial for child kidnapping and the lack of any charges brought against the family who attacked Bell and his partner Dan Fair at the couple’s house.

“Looks like it’s open season on homosexuals. All you’ve got to do is accuse one of a crime involving a child, and let the fists and household appliances fly! Don’t worry about “assault laws”–they don’t apply when the victim is a faggot.”

–    City Weekly blogger Brandon Burt, of Brandon’s Big Gay Blog, weighing in on the trial.

“I am against this couples [sic] beliefs as much as anyone could be but I CERTAINLY believe in their rights to life and am disgusted with their treatment. I hope justice is served. I hope that all parties involved with [Bell and Fair’s beating] serve time in jail as if they had beaten someone from a ‘different’ group.”

–    One of several comments left on a Sept. 24 Deseret News article by self-described “LDS and conservative” individuals in support of Bell and Fair and calling for their assailants’ prosecution.

“We were appalled because it had come this far. There was just no evidence.”

–    Bell trial juror Natasha Jorgensen, telling the Salt Lake Tribune that the four-day trial was a waste of time and money.

“I believe he kidnapped them. I mean, there’s no point in making all this up. We invited him over. They try to make us out to be, make this out to be a hate crime, a gay bashing. If that was the case, why would we invite you over to our house to have fun with us? I mean, this was never a hate crime from the beginning.”

Ieti Mageo, father of one of the children Bell was accused of kidnapping, in an interview with KSTU Fox 13 News.

“Justice has finally been served.”

DJ Bell emerging from the courtroom shortly after the not guilty verdict, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune.

“[N]ow that that [kidnapping] case has been resolved, some of those complications have been resolved as well, and we can continue with that investigation.”

– Assistant Salt Lake District Attorney Alicia Cook, telling KUTV 2 News that the DA’s office may now pursue charges against the family members who attacked Bell and Fair.

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