Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat

Speaking in terms of substance and intelligence, 80 minutes is about “all you can” stomach of Eating Out 3: All you Can Eat, the thrid installment of the Eating Out series by creator Q. Allan Brocka. With any pride, no pun intended, Brocka will hopefully shelf a fourth movie.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Eating Out flicks, they’re basically semi-comedic, mostly absurd, deities of deception, immorality and crude sexual hijinx. Totally gay community, right? Maybe, but for some, the films will feel embarrassing and offensive. As with the previous two films, there appears, foggily, to be a message in All You Can Eat, albeit not revolutionary in the least. Basically, All You Can Eat, fights for the underdog, i.e. the lanky, pale-skinned dork with low self-esteem that has led to anality.


If you are familiar with the Eating Out films then it should be said that Kyle and Marc are not our leading men in All You Can Eat due to an unfortunate chance meeting with Celine Dion. In turn, Kyle’s cousin Casey (Daniel Skelton) takes the lead as a geeky romantic with an abhorrance for the L.A. gay infrastructure. That is until he meets Zack (actor/singer Chris Salvatore), the intrinsic tall, dark and handsome protagonist who, of course is dating the most popular, egocentric and least interesting person in town — here he’s called Lionel (Utah native John C. Stallings who graced our pages in our first year). Almost instantly, all of Casey’s small town ideology, upbringing and church-combover is ‘lost in cyberspace,’ so to speak, and with the aid of the questionable influence of Tiffani (Eating Out alumni Rebekah Kochan), a stereotypical Baywatch-blonde slut with a foul mouth and a taste for behavioral impropriety.

Casey and Tiffani attempt to deceive Zack by posting photos of Tiffani’s ex-boyfriend Ryan (Michael E.R. Walker), a hot, muscular stripper, who’s moved to Arizona, to Casey’s profile (that’s creative!). But when the real Ryan unexpectedly rolls into town, an accidental meeting obviously prompts an even deeper deception (besides, where else could it go!).

Written by Phillip J. Bartell (Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds), All You Can Eat lacks ingenuity — seems like only a few details have been altered from its predecessors — and there certainly was not much thought given to a plot twist — it is predictable and it knows it, which makes it all the more dissatisfying. And though there’s little wit, somehow parts of the film turned out funny — Kochan’s comedic timing is pretty darn solid. (Plus, gay icons Mink Stole and Leslie Jordan always bring a cheery attribute to films). Most of the writing is sophomoric, crude or uninspired: “Babies are just abortions that eat,” “That’s why it’s called homosexual, not homohuggable…”.

Thankfully, director Glenn Gaylord had the intelligence and decency not to prolong this unnecessary film and also had the insight to litter it with a lot of skin (and a full-frontal shot or two) to keep even the embarrassed and offended tuned in — even if it is just through the ‘scene selection’ on the DVR.

Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat hits the street Nov. 10. Suggested retail $24.95, visit

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