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Quips & Quotes

“It’s pretty cool. I think it’s significant for the city. It’s a first.”

–    Stan Penfold, talking about becoming Salt Lake City’s first openly gay City Councilmember to the Deseret News.

“It gives many gay and transgender people a sense of being seen. They can be seen for who they are — and that’s not only accepted, but people will vote for them. It’s incredibly affirming.”

Brandie Balken, Executive Director of Equality Utah, speaking about Penfold’s election in the Deseret News.

“I’m guessing we can look forward to a year or two of stories reporting that “openly gay Councilman Stan Penfold voted for the creation of a new zoning designation” and so on. After all, he’s openly gay, so he must be into zoning.”

–    City Weekly blogger Brandon Burt.

“Stan is the man.”

–    Headline of Salt Lake Tribune reporter Glen Warchol’s “SLC Crawler” Web post about Penfold’s victory.

“Way to go, Stan! Of it can happen in Utah, it can happen everywhere!”

–    “Bob” of the blog “I Should Be Laughing.”

“What sets Stan apart in my mind is his desire to update the neighborhood plans for the Avenues while still keeping in mind the unique feel of the district. Furthermore, Stan is a more progressive voice in the district, something that will serve the areas GLBT community well in City Hall.”

Curtis Haring of the blog “Blue in Red Zion.”

“Somehow I don’t think that the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are celebrating.”

–   Timothy Kincaid of “Box Turtle Bulletin,” a blog offering “news, analysis and fact checking of anti-gay rhetoric,” on Penfold’s victory.

Rent is troubling, even dangerous. It just might challenge your heart and mind to recognize that which is the same in all of us. That is a Christian challenge, so I say kudos to Principal Rick Bartman and the Catholic school’s leadership for allowing this play when it would have been easier to shy away from controversy — something Jesus never did.”

– Sandy resident Lorrie Gaffney, addressing criticisms of Judge Memorial High’s production of Rent in a letter to the Salt Lake Tribune. The musical features gay and lesbian characters and tackles such themes as drug addiction and the AIDS epidemic.

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