JAM to this Monster Mash

Oh Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays, and this past weekend promised to be one of the best Halloween nights I have seen in a while. I’ll give you all of the spooky details of the weekend’s events and provide you with some bone tingling post Halloween reading.

Friday kicked off the festivities. Sources tell me Sound was a little disappointing and not what they would have expected from the big Friday night hang out. I, myself, was at Club JAM for their Erotic Halloween private party. I was one of the few people who wasn’t dressed up that evening, but there were so many great costumes — Lady GaGas in all shapes and sizes, pirate wenches, and so much more. And to make things even better, it was a packed house.

Saturday delivered quite a few treats and some hot tricks at crazy house parties and full bars. JAM proved to be no exception when DJ TiDY held his Monster Ball party and the guests were prepared to dance the night away!

JAM is becoming one of the hot hangouts in Salt Lake. You may even call it the “diamond in the ruff” bar. It’s growing, and getting a lot of buzz and attention with a large portion of people. DJ TiDY says, “I don’t see it going away, I only see it growing.” He also mentioned, “JAM has proven itself to not only be a swanky nightclub, but also a place for the community to gather.”

If you haven’t been there, or have only been once get on over there and see what you’re missing. JAM, in my opinion, is going to bring nothing but mind-blowing things.

The party didn’t stop there. Babylon pulled out all the stops and transformed the entire club into a haunted mansion. The place was packed full of half-naked boys and some truly stunning attire, the music was pumping and all three dance floors were open, providing the guests with ample room to get their “Monster Mash” on. Eric and Nova did an amazing job planning and executing the entire evening.

As many of you have probably heard, Nova has left Sound and is now over at Babylon. She has certainly made her mark at the venue and spectacular things are only to come. There is even talk of a new 18-and-over venue opening. Don’t worry; I’m working on finding those juicy details!

All in all, the weekend was a hit. Aside from quite a few missing cell phones, a few bruises and some DUI’s, it seemed like everyone had an excellent time.

Be sure to check out my future columns every two weeks to stay in tune with the hot places to be, and what’s coming up. Watch out, you’ll never know what I may see!

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