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Quips & Quotes

““Come now, and let us reason together,” pleaded Isaiah, and the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did just that.”

–    Gay Salt Lake City resident Joseph DiStephano in a letter to the Salt Lake Tribune about the LDS Church’s about-face decision to support the city’s housing and workplace nondiscrimination ordinances that included sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Unfortunately, homosexual activists seeking to redefine the meaning of marriage — as well as activist courts seeking to do the same — do not view these types of ordinances singly or in isolation but as a pattern of public opinion to justify radical changes to law as we saw in California.”

–    The Sutherland Institute, an anti-gay Utah think-tank,

“This appears to be an olive branch being offered by the LDS Church. It’s a very positive move and one I am extremely thankful for. This is the kind of messaging our community, and the entire state of Utah, really needs.”

–    Openly lesbian Rep. Jackie Biskupski, D-Salt Lake City, as quoted in the Deseret News.

“If what I have heard on the news and read in the paper about recent gay acceptance by the Salt Lake City Council and the LDS Church is true, I am very, very, very disappointed. … [Salt Lake City] is rapidly becoming the Sodom and Gomorrah of our century.”

–    Spanish Fork resident Marvin L. Wharton, as quoted in a letter to the Deseret News.

“SHAME on UTAH GAYS For persecuting, harassing, using intimidation tactics, and staging scenarios to corner The [sic] LDS Church into endorsing their movement and to use the LDS Church as a backbone to sway the LDS voters and legislators to vote for their laws!”

– Fax sent out by anti-gay Utah group America Forever to at least 80,000 people and organizations, alleging that the LDS Church had no choice but to publicly support the ordinances.

“It is difficult to believe that LDS officials could be so grossly ignorant of the demonstrably proven threat such laws pose to marriage and to the religious freedoms of the individual, special exemptions for “religious organizations” and the government notwithstanding.”

– Americans for Truth about Homosexuality press release.

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