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Hold onto your seats, boys and girls. Salt Lake City nightlife is in the process of being revamped. Lucky for my readers, I have had a glimpse into the exciting changes that are afoot in the valley. We are heading into a new era of the bar scene and I have no doubts you will all be pleased.  Get ready to be amazed!

As many of you know, Club Sound has been the ruler of Friday nights. So let’s just say this: It has some fierce competition coming its way. Consider the lid ajar on Friday nights. I was lucky enough to chat with local celebrity, Eric Turner, and he was gracious enough to give me the inside view into the revolutionary dance club that will be Püre — which will be the re-creation of the Salt Lake City dance scene.

Eric says: “Püre is brought to you by the people that re-created Babylon. We are creating a new nightclub and raising the bar in the gay bar life.” In other words, this is going to be the breath of fresh air that Salt Lake nightlife is craving.

We were set to tell you the new location and opening date, but moments before we went
to press, things were going awry. I have personally been to the venue they were talking
about, and it would be the perfect place for a new nightclub. We’ll see what happens when
all the powers-that-be finish talking.

Püre is setting its sites for a December opening, and Eric tells me they are pulling out all of the stops to throw the party of the century.

Püre is Nova’s baby and we all saw what she did with Gossip, so you know that Püre is going to knock the hell out of Friday nights.

Get ready to be amazed; Püre is what the people have asked for, and the staff standing behind it and promoting it are going to provide nothing but breathtaking, heartpounding excitement and thrill. Be prepared for Püre satisfaction.

With all of the exciting changes happening on Friday nights, keep in mind that Saturdays will still be mind-blowing. Babylon has proved to be the reigning king (or queen, whichever you prefer) of Saturday nights.

Eric tells me they have some big things in the pipeline. If they are anything like Babylon’s summer line up, you know it will be good.

Be sure to check out Babylon this Saturday, Nov. 28, for their ‘Therapy’ night. After a long Thanksgiving with the family, I’m sure we will all be thirsting for a night full of dancing, drinking and debauchery, and I have no doubt that Babylon will be a packed house. So slap on those girdles, and get out to celebrate the holiday with your gaggle of gays.

I am looking forward to reporting on the upcoming events in our nightlife, and with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, there are certainly going to be some big things to write about. With Thanksgiving a few days away I would like to say thanks to all of the bars, bar owners, DJs, promoters and everyone else involved in Salt Lake’s gay nightlife. We truly have come a long way, and
I only see it getting better, and better. Here’s hoping that all QSaltLake’s readers have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

See you out and about!

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