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Cherubs, I want to start by wishing all my faithful readers, stalkers, fans and critics a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving! I truly am thankful for all of your support and your feedback regardless of your political persuasion, body type, gender, religion, or country of origin. Although it must be said, I do appreciate those of you who use spell check slightly more than the others. Oh, that reminds me: If you are going to call me an “opinionated, politically incorrect, overweight diva that dresses funny,” then I’m sorry, but I have to draw the line and correct you. The word “Diva” should always be capitalized. It’s not just an issue of style, but it’s also a show of deference and courtesy, just like the capital G in “God”, or the capitals J and C in “Jesus Christ.” What? You don’t think I’m in the same league? Then explain why people cower and avert their eyes when they see me in person!


[Editors note: Um, Ruby? Have you ever considered that it could be the blinding glare from your glitter, or maybe the combination of polyester, chest hair, back hair, and jewelry that gives people nauseous vertigo? Just something to think about.]

Anyway, muffins, right before Halloween I received a surprise package at the offices of QSaltLake in Sugarhouse. No, it wasn’t Randy Harmon bringing me a box of donuts wearing nothing but a tool belt (I pray fervently for this everyday, yet God still ignores me!), but it was almost as good. Someone had taken the time to make me this delightful scrapbook with sequins, cutouts, bows and even little bingo numbers glued to the outside. It was a work of art, pumpkins! It works out the gorgeous assemblage was crafted by my old buddy Rhett who used to write for The Pillar. I swear, kittens, the man is so freaking creative he just amazes me.

I hadn’t thought about The Pillar for a while, but the other day I was reading online about the Washington Blade and the Southern Voice biting the dust. These were HUGE flagship publications for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, cherubs. They died sad deaths due to the economy tanking (and ad revenue dropping horribly), and like mainsteam newspapers, they saw their readers migrating to free online sources.

I had a conversation awhile back with Betsy Burton of the King’s English where I lamented about all of the recent closings of gay and lesbian book sellers like the “Oscar Wilde Bookshop” in New York and “A Different Light Book Store” in West Hollywood, “Giovanni’s Room” in Philadelphia, and “Lambda Rising” in Baltimore. It’s kind of sad watching the quiet passing of an era. Gay book stores of the literary kind (not the sticky floor, cruisy, buy a roll of tokens kind of book store) had a major role in advancing our causes. They provided venues for serious thought, discussion and academic research, as well as loads of creative gay fiction that reminded gay and lesbian readers they were not alone. So much is made about gay bars being the early community centers for the gay movement, and I agree, but the gay book stores gave us a visibility, credibility and sense of community that really pushed the ball forward.

This makes me appreciate the impact of local gay and lesbian papers like QSaltLake. The niche issues that impact us rarely get any long format coverage in the local dailies, and the alternative magazines don’t have the resources to go into a lot of depth (although I must say our community has been treated well by the kids over at City Weekly, and the hippies over at Catalyst). There is definitely a need for local gay content and discourse. I guess the moral of my rant is this, pumpkins: Please support our advertisers. Their investment in QSaltLake during a crap economy really is a sacrifice, and we need to thank them for subsidizing a healthy lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender press. They are truly Rock Stars,

Which reminds me … Adam Lambert you shocking, gyrating slut! Nicely done at the AMA’s, darling!

Ciao, babies!

You can see Ruby Ridge and the Matrons of Mayhem performing live, in all of their politically incorrect polyester glory every third Friday of the month at Third Friday Bingo (First Baptist Church, 777 S 1300 E in Salt Lake City at 7 p.m.). The designated charity for December is the Assistance League of Salt Lake City’s Consociates Program, which works with rape survivors.


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