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SNAP: A Shiny New Year

As 2010 opens, Utah’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is facing some very momentous times. Salt Lake County and Park City are poised to pass ordinances forbidding housing and employment discrimination against gay and transgender people; the state legislature is talking about embracing a statewide version of this ordinance; and more municipalities every day are talking to Equality Utah about how to make life farer for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. These are very exciting times, and we at QSaltLake hope that all fair-minded Utahns will continue to advocate for positive change at all levels of government.

SLAP: Winter

As soon as the Christmas lights come down in Salt Lake City, you know things are about to get very dull, gray and leaden for a very long time. Oh, skiers and snowborders may love it, sure, but the cold and the darkness get trying after awhile, and all of us at QSaltLake miss being able to see the skyline through the pollution. And, you know, we also miss breathing. No offense to the snow bunnies, but we’re hoping that Punxsutawney Phil takes mercy on us next month and calls an end to this.

SNAP: Stan Penfold

We were thrilled, of course, when Stan Penfold took his oath of office as Salt Lake City’s first openly gay councilman. And then, when every single national article began with some variant on the lead: “Salt Lake City swears in first openly gay councilman,” we cracked up. Apparently, it really is a slow news week for everyone out there, not just us. On a more positive note: At least our state isn’t getting attention because of polygamy, Proposition 8 or something dumb and insulting coming out of  Sen. Chris Buttars’ mouth. Then again, that will probably change just as soon as the legislative session opens …

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