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Here we are, after the holidays, and back to normal working life again. It is amazing to think that another year has come and gone, and we are already seeing Valentine’s Day décor in the local supermarkets.

Our nightlife has been a buzz, with new clubs opening and the older bars holding strong. Since I tend to write about the weekends a lot, I thought I would switch things up a little in this article and discuss what happens during the week. So for those of you who enjoy going out on weekdays, this article is for you!

To my knowledge, not much goes down on Monday nights. Perhaps that’s because we are all still recovering from the weekend, or we’re getting back into the groove of the week. Either way, Monday nights are definitely the perfect evenings to sit at home and recharge our battery packs.

By the time Tuesday rolls around, we are feeling the work pressure, dreading getting up at ungodly hours of the morning and screaming at the morning commute. So when the clock strikes five, we are all in need of a drink and a place to wind down. Luckily, QLounge is now open for business! This wonderful, swanky event takes place every Tuesday night at Babylon. It is the perfect place to de-stress after a long work day day. You can bask in the enjoyable tunes, sink into a delectable martini, and nibble on some pretty delicious food. Owners David Atkinson and Eric Turner will be right there to meet and greet you, and you can rub shoulders with some of gay business owners in the valley. I have been to this event and trust me, it is certainly the most excellent way to unwind after a long day of pushing papers. This popular dance club has transformed into a hip, fun after work hang out, so be sure to check it out!

So now it’s hump day, and you’re halfway to the weekend. Jam has put together one of the best karaoke nights in town, and it all happens on Wednesday night. The always hot Brian Gordon will emcee your way through each lovely ballad, and as an added bonus, he will get up and sing a few upbeat songs himself! And who doesn’t love that? Jam takes the party one step further by offering a place to watch your favorite TV shows before singing the night away. And appropriately for karaoke night, the two featured shows are _Glee_ and _American Idol_! So after you are done watching the stars sing their hearts out, you too can join in on the fun! If you have never experienced a night of Jam karaoke, be sure to stop in and see what you’re missing. With steamy songs, a hot emcee and a friendly bar staff, you are always guaranteed an amazing night!

Jam continues the week with dollar drafts on Thursday nights. Tasty beer at a cheap price, what’s not to love, right?! And don’t worry, if you aren’t feeling either of these joints. Try-angles is open everyday and is definitely a superb place to hang out during the week. The drinks are top-notch, the service excellent, and with pool tables, dart boards, and a juke box where you control the music, it is a certain recipe for fun!

The next few weeks are going to be amazing, so stay tuned for the low down on Sundance, Pure, Babylon and possibly even a Pride tip or two! The nightlife in SL,UT just keeps getting better and better, so don’t let an early day or the cold weather keep you in, stop in and heat things up!

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