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Quips & Quotes

“He thought it would be nutritious for the baby.”

–    Rep. Christine Johnson, D-Salt Lake City, describing how Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper, brought her eggs from his farm to feed the surrogate baby Johnson is carrying for a local gay couple.

“Rep. Christine Johnson has entered into this with pride and honesty and boundless generosity. This lawmaker figured out a way to help some friends at a time and a place when the law wasn’t on their side. But, thanks to Christine, some lawmakers are. That’s certainly a step in the right direction.”

–    Change.org blogger Maia Spotts.

“So Utah is debating a non-discrimination ordinance and Texas isn’t. And Utah has a lesbian legislator and Texas doesn’t.”

–    Dallas Voice blogger David Taffet in a post about Johnson’s pregnancy.

“In light of all the hate in this world it is good to see people who want to care for others around them. I remember during the start of the AIDS nightmare in the early 80’s, it was the Dykes who came to help first, even though they were the least infected. I hope she gets many graces from this.”

–    Commenter “Patrick NYC” in a post left on gay blog Towleroad.

“[W]hile I’m a fan of both Ben and Arlyn and truly [sic] would have been happy either way, right now Ben is the more qualified person for the job. We must avoid childish stereotypes in this state because we cannot afford any mistakes, there are too many in the majority party fighting against us to have such mundane squabbles.”

– Blogger and gay activist Eric Ethington sounding off about charges that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Democrats who supported Ben McAdams over openly gay candidate Arlyn Bradshaw as a replacement for Sen. Scott McCoy are “traitors.”

“The Legislature is more inclined to give the Salt Lake City ordinance[s] a year just to kind of see how [they work] and if we need to work any bugs out before we sponsor anything statewide.”

–    Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper, telling The Salt Lake Tribune that the Legislature will likely not approve a statewide housing and employment nondiscrimination ordinance that covers sexual orientation and gender identity this session.

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