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SNAP: Peter Corroon for Governor

With so many pundits giving incumbent Gary Herbert victory in the 2010 gubernatorial race by virtue of his being a Republican and, well, an incumbent, it’s refreshing and encouraging to see a prominent Salt Lake County Democrat run against him. It’s even more heartening when that Democrat is Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon, who has not only done a relatively good job of managing his office for the last nine years, but who is also outspokenly supportive of the state’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population — though we do hope he changes his stance on civil unions if or when he wins. A candidate willing to support a disliked and misunderstood minority means it when he says that he wants to represent all Utahns. After listening to Herbert hem and haw about whether or not discrimination against queer folks is a good thing, we think it’s about time we had a governor who openly supported us again.

SNAP: Another Weird Session

The 2010 General Legislative Session’s opening is just days away as of this edition’s publication, and already it has the makings of being one that leaves many Utahns saying “huh?” The anti-gay blowhards at the Sutherland Institute have asked legislators to “strengthen” Salt Lake City’s pro-gay housing and workplace ordinances by allowing every Mormon to opt-out of them (a process we at QSaltLake like to call “gutting”). Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, has gone silent after saying he would support extending those ordinances statewide (though perhaps this is a good thing). And five legislators are running pro-states’ rights resolutions. Because one simply wasn’t enough. Anyone want to place bets on how long Butters will last before saying something ridiculous, or how long it will take his party to get him under control when he does?

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