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It was excruciating to watch State Rep. Christine Johnson’s pathetic YouTube excuse video for illogically taking the easy road. Shame on her, shame on Equality Utah for advocating such a tragic strategy.”

– Actor Charles Lynn Frost (Sister Dottie S. Dixon) in a Salt Lake Tribune guest editorial about a legislative compromise that would save Salt Lake City’s gay and transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances at the expense of a moratorium on all gay-related bills this legislative session.

“OK. Those who are upset with Our [sic] gay leaders and Equality Utah, instead of sitting back and criticizing, what’s your plan? We’re all ears. Lead us to the promised land. I just hope it’s more than equality through drag “theater”.”

– Former State Senator Scott McCoy, in a Facebook posting.

“The Legislature can take away Salt Lake City and County ordinances this Legislative [sic] session if they want to they have the power. We don’t … So I suggest get out in [sic] Vote! Become a Delegate [sic] in the Republican and Democrat parties and start doing something at the grassroots of politics.”

– Activist Mark Swonson in comments to McCoy’s post.

“Certainly, our opponents can about face and move forward with their exclusive resolutions and unfair legislation at any time. The session is only 45 days long and this issue is so fluid that it changes on a daily basis. We should remain steadfast and prepared for anything.”

– Salt Lake City Human Rights Commissioner Jon Jepson.

“Our citizens shouldn’t be doing things that are discriminatory. If they are — and if that’s the information we gather during the next year — that will push legislation to deal with that in that direction. If the LGBT community are doing offensive activities in a public setting, that will push legislation in the other direction.”

–    Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, talking to The Salt Lake Tribune about Republicans’ abandonment of a study into whether or not gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Utahns face discrimination.

“Their strategy is clear, Republicans are in essence buying themselves a free-pass for the year from the constant barrage of negative press for their dark-age views, while giving nothing in return.”

– Utah activist Eric Ethington on Waddoups’ remarks.

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