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All About Hairy Shoulders, Limo Sex and PDA

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I want to wish my hot tamale of a friend Mo (I’d like peel that skin back and really taste the meat) a very belated Happy Birthday. He’s the star player on our softball team … yes Jake, after that embarrassing display during the Super Bowl party at The Trapp, you’ve been replaced! Mo’s also an unbelievable hairstylist … kind of like Edward Scissorhands. Luv you Mo, mwah! By the way, Matty says he’d like to lick all your tats … hmmm!

18THURSDAY — The UofU’s Performing Dance Company’s Spring Concert enters a world of fiction and friction as reality TV comes to life in a project directed by members of Movement Forum. Also, Eric Handman’s Organism is inspired by science fiction’s cyborgs and aliens. Juan Carlos Claudio’s Night Moths in an Open Field crosses between reality and fiction.  Stephen Koester confronts the drama of motion surrounded by a turbulent musical score by Michael Gordon. Donna White’s Polvere e Rovine surveys ancient ruins amidst contemporary Italy.
7:30pm, through Feb. 27, Marriott Center for Dance, 330 S. 1500 East, UofU. Tickets $7–10, 801-581-7100 or


19FRIDAY — A homely couple seek help from a secluded house in the woods after their car breaks down. They soon descend into a seductive, surreal adventure, driven by Dr. Frank N Furter and his obsession with a Frankenstein-esque experiment. Sound familiar? It’s a production of the original stage musical The Rocky Horror Show. Part science fiction, part spoof, part exploration of sexual mores, and all rock ’n roll.
7:30pm, Babcock Theatre, 300 S. 1400 East, UofU. Tickets $7–13, 801-581-7100 or

They’re finally coming Face 2 Face … hopefully. After rescheduling last November, a hoard of homos were weeping in their beers and Long Island iced teas. But now Billy Joel and Sir Elton John are doing it … well, not literally. I have a feeling that their performance together will not be as unusual as Elton’s and Lady Gaga’s during the Grammys, but noteworthy nonetheless.
7:30pm, Energy Solutions Arena, 301 W. South Temple. Tickets $55–181, 801-355-SEAT or

In response to the “Kiss Heard ’Round the World,” and as part of the Gallery Stroll, 50 visual artists from around the country will be showing their response to “public displays of affection” between homosexuals on canvas and through other mediums during the PDA Show. Look for such pieces as lennyBruce Lee’s “Two Fruits Kissing” and  Paul Evans’ “Hope Springs Eternal (Gay Is Good);” plus, Sister Dottie Dixon will be selling kisses at the Kissing Booth Installation at the Kayo Galllery tonight at 6 p.m.
Exhibits shown at various venues and times through Mar. 14. Free, for more information call 360-349-6973 or visit

20SATURDAY — Join sWerve for an evening of food, drinks and limo sex … oh sorry, my mind went adrift again. Their Girl’s Night OUT: Limo Pub Crawl starts at Squatters for appetizers and a round of drinks. At 8 p.m., limos (stocked with complimentary drinks) will be waiting at the Utah Pride Center, where they’ll take you in style to The Speakeasy, and then it’s off to Club Jam (now serving liquor) to end the night.
6:30pm, Squatters, 147 W. Broadway. Cost $20. Pre-registration required, visit

22MONDAY — Finally, here it is … the first Queer Spirit Book Club. And there’s no better book to start with than The Four Agreements. This is a short but profound book which examines our self-limiting beliefs and how to transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.
7:30pm, Mondays through Mar. 29, venue to be announced. Free, for more information and to sign up visit

23TUESDAY — She’s cute, she’s a lesbian and she’s no newcomer to the rock world. Sarah Bettens first earned notoriety as the lead singer of K’s Choice, which has earned Gold and Platinum records in continental Europe and whose international radio hits include “Not An Addict,” “Believe” and “Almost Happy.” The international alt-rock star is breaking new ground with her latest CD, Never Say Goodbye. And she’s in Salt Lake, so don’t miss her!
8pm, The State Room, 638 S. State St. Tickets $15/adv–18/day of show, 800-501-2885 or

24WEDNESDAY — It’s time again for Utah Bear Alliance’s annual Mr. Utah Bear & Cub Contest. The five-day event opens with Bear-A-Oke (Oh Lord!) tonight, Bear Bust ($1 drafts) Thursday, the contest Friday, awards ceremony Saturday, and Bear Brunch Sunday — where you’ll go up into the woods to feed on return mormon missionaries fondling each other in their parents’ recalled Toyota Camry.   
Hours vary, Club Jam (now serving liquor), 751 N. 300 West. Tickets $10–15,

26FRIDAY — Sugar Space presents Suite: Women Defining Space … no, it won’t be a bunch of women bitching at us gay boys: “Don’t touch my breast!,” Don’t touch my ass!” and “I bet I could change you!”. Instead choreographers Ashley Anderson, Erin Kaser-Romero and Hillary Van Moorleghem will deliver some beautiful dance movement.    
8pm, through Saturday, Sugar Space, 616 Wilmington Ave. Tickets $10, 888-300-7898 or

27SATURDAY — This event is a collaboration featuring internationally renowned Parsons Dance and the lead vocalists of the Grammy nominated rock opera group, East Village Opera Company. Remember Me combines contemporary dance, live and recorded rock music in a multimedia design including enriched digital lighting, special effects and projections.     
7:30pm, Eccles Center, 1750 Kearns Blvd., Park City. Tickets $18–65, 435-655-3114 or

Spy Hop Records is holding a Signing Show to celebrate three young, local artists. The event will be highlighted with 30-minute performances from some of Salt Lake’s finest upcoming new musical artists: passionate singer/songwriter Eliza Shearon, the soulful, emotionally raw Joel Brown, and the bold sound of The Direction.
6–8pm, Nobrow Coffee & Tea, 315 E. 300 South. Free, call 801-532-7500 for more information.

MAR. 13    Brothers & Sister, SL Men’s Choir and Sister Dottie Dixon
MAR. 31    Michael Bublé, E Center
APR. 5     Muse, E Center
APR. 25    Ani DiFranco, Kingsbury Hall

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