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Shut Up & Smoke Some Reefer

I’m writing this agenda while I’m having lunch (I smoked some reefer) … and yes, I can multi-task! For instance, I can drive and text without hitting anything more than small rodents, I can also play hopscotch with a martini in hand and not spill. Wow, that one should be an Olympic event! Anyhoo, I’m having a sandwich and a bag of Lay’s potato chips, and to my disgust, most of the chips are bruised … gross! I don’t think I like Lay’s anymore. Well, some lays are still good.

4THURSDAY — Sugar Space presents Grey Area, four works by their 2009 Audiences Award Artists, Molly Heller and Juan Aldape. With the movement as the medium, the choreographers, Heller and Aldape, attempt to address overlooked, unnoticed and even avoided themes. Featured guest performances by Stephen Koester, Katie Meehan, Cherie Mockli, Callie Ritter, Emily Terndrup and Jersey Reo Riemo.
8pm, through Saturday, Sugar Space, 616 E. Wilmington Ave. Tickets $7–12, 888-300-7898.

6SATURDAY — Fascinating rhythms and fancy footwork will abound in Footwork: An Evening of Tap Dance. Members of SLCTap and Foot Poetry Tap Dance Ensemble will perform several numbers including a 1930’s vaudeville work by famed performer Eddie Rector, a hilarious disco dance parody and a tap tribute to the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson.
7:30pm, Post Theatre, 245 S. Fort Douglas Blvd., UofU. Tickets $10–12, 801-355-ARTS or

7SUNDAY — It’s that time of year again to put on your slingiest gown, most uncomfortable stilletos and ill-fitting tux for the Utah AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Night America. With a delicious dinner by Bambara, wine service, a silent auction, after show dance party and more, the event may be one of the best ever. Senator Chris Buttars and Sister Dottie Dixon will be on the red carpet for the pre-show fashion critique, so look your very naughtiest.
5:30pm, The Rail Event Center, 235 N. 500 West. Tickets $120, to purchase tickets call Nathan at 801-487-2323.

9TUESDAY— In Greek mythology, Eurydice was an oak nymph, a daughter of Apollo (the god of light) and the wife of Orpheus, who loved her dearly. Upon her untimely death, the story of Eurydice becomes about the painful choice that comes with the passing of joys and pleasures: whether to remember in sadness or to forget and achieve a calm but emptier equilibrium.
7:30pm, through March 20, Grand Theatre, 1575 S. State St. Tickets $8–24, 801-957-3322 or

11THURSDAY — Experience an evening of original works choreographed by graduating seniors as The University of Utah Department of Modern Dance presents XII: A Contemporary Dance Event. The evening evokes curiosity and surprise, presenting pieces that include investigating risk at a dinner table, a dance for camera revealing the business side of life and a grassy landscape portrait coming to life.
7:30pm, through April 3, Marriott Center for Dance, 330 S. 1500 East, UofU. Tickets $7–10, 801-581-7100 or

12FRIDAY — Life is an irreplaceable, fragile gift delivered in pieces. An ordinary day. A wedding day. A day of mourning. The seemingly mundane become the ties that bind as residents of small-town America live their lives. The great American play, Our Town, by gay playwright Thornton Wilder, is a poignant reminder that there is always magic in the moment.   
7:30pm, through March 27, Pioneer Theatre, 300 S. 1400 East, UofU. Tickets $22–40, 801-581-6961 or

Utah Light Opera presents Dark Horse Theatre Company’s production of Reefer Madness. This raucous musical comedy takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to marijuana, leading them on a hysterical downward spiral filled with evil jazz music, sex and violence. You’ll leave the theater asking, “Whoa! Dude, where’s my car?”
8pm, through Mar. 28, Egyptian Theatre, 328 Main St. Tickets $15, 435-649-9371 or

Paper Moon’s Toni Fitzgerald is turning the Big 4-0. I don’t recommend you try this at home. Anyhoo, Join in the celebration at Toni’s Big “40” Rock Star Bash. The evening is also homage to the club’s annual Bra Auction, where you can purchase hand-decorated bras for those late-night drag performances in your living room. The proceeds go to cancer research.
10pm, Paper Moon, 3737 S. State St. Cover $6–8, 801-713-0678.

13SATURDAY — Utah Opera presents Gioacchino Rossini’s hilarious opera, The Italian Girl in Algiers. This delightful, comic stumble of a shipwreck, missing lovers, jealous wives and meddling servants will have you laughing your culo off. Sung in Italian with English subtitles.   
7:30pm, through March 19, and 2pm, March 21, Capitol Theatre, 50 W. 200 South. Tickets $15–72, 801-355-ARTS or

17WEDNESDAY — Two programs return to Odyssey Dance Company’s Spring Repertory Season’s Shut Up & Dance: Giselle, based on the classic ballet; and Let It Be, a tribute to The Beatles. A new program premiering this season is a hip-hop version of Romeo and Juliet, as only Odyssey can pull off.     
8pm, through March 27, Kingsbury Hall, 1395 E. Presidents Cir., UofU. Tickets $25–45, 801-581-7100 or

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I’d like to borrow a quote from an Irish man, such as myself. “I am a drinker with a writing problem.” – Brendan Behan. Fitting, don’t you think? Anyhoo, celebrate this day of green with friends over corned beef and cabbage at Club Try-Angles. Gene will be wearing a kilt, just as nature intended. Aaaagh!
2pm door opens, Club Try-Angles, 251 W. 900 South. Free to members, 801-364-3203.

If you’re more into The Trapp, Joe will be a bigger fairy than usual while sporting green knickers at his St. Patrick’s Day Party on this day, the first green of spring, which includes an Irish buffet and a live performance by the Salt Lake Scots Pipe Band. 
6pm, The Trapp, 102 S. 600 West. Free, 801-531-8727.

MAR. 31    Michael Bublé, E Center
APR. 5     Muse, E Center
APR. 25    Ani DiFranco, Kingsbury Hall
MAY  7     Sugarland, E Center

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