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“I’m not sure what Ha-Ha we were supposed to get from today’s action, but I think the point they must have been trying to make is that it is somewhat believable that Utah could foster such a movement of concerned citizens that would openly and publicly call for Nazi-like solutions to the ‘homosexual problem?’ Ha?”

–    City Weekly reporter and blogger Jesse Fruhwirth on the Patriots for a Moral Utah prank.

“This was not a joke. It was a serious mistake. … What we want is respect for who we are and what we want. We won’t get there with stupid jokes!! I am personally offended.”

–    Utah philanthropist Bruce Bastian in a comment to Fruhwirth’s final blog post on the prank.

“Because of the intense anti-lgbt [sic] climate in Utah, and because our voices have been silenced by recent statements and deals made on the hill [sic], we felt a creative solution would be to highlight just how outlandish some of their claims are. It is amazing that Utah has reached a point where even something as crazy as the ‘Utah Fair Solution’ has legitimacy and is believable.”

–    Patriots for a Moral Utah’s “real mission statement” on utahfairsolution.com.

“If you didn’t realize it before, it should be crystal clear that the Tea Party groups aren’t just nutty, possibly racist fiscal conservatives. There is also a significant portion that make up the worst of the religious bigots. They scream about fascism and ironically embrace the ideals of Hitler.”

–    Daily Kos user “smellybeast” commenting to QSaltLake’s article about Patriots for a Moral Utah before the group was definitively revealed as a hoax.

“[The Patriots for a Moral Utah press conference] actually comes across better on video. The spokeswoman _totally” nails the type. “We don’t hate homosexuals, we just don’t want them to cram their members down our throat. HAH”

–    Popular gay blog Joe. My. God.

“Utah has been rampant with ugly and pointless message bills this session and it’s about time someone stood up and made a farce of it.”

– Local activist Eric Ethington blogging about the group before it was revealed as a hoax.

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