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Johnson Endorses Netto for Replacement

A progressive water conservationist is the person Rep. Christine Johnson would like to see replace her in 2011.

Earlier this month, the Salt Lake City Democrat announced that she would not be seeking a third term, citing the financial hardship she had faced while serving in the State Legislature. Of the six candidates who filed to take her place, Johnson chose to endorse John Netto, co-founder of Salt Lake City-based water treatment company Water & Power Technologies. She made the announcement of her endorsement March 23, during the party’s caucus meetings.

“District 25 demands progressive leadership and unwavering commitment to Utah’s under-represented communities,” she said. “John is a man of action and a man of his word. From 9th and 9th to Kimball Junction [areas covered in Johnson’s legislative district], John will persistently and passionately represent the districts’ priorities of forward-thinking environmental policy, education funding and social justice.”

In addition to his ongoing environmental activism, Netto is also a regular volunteer for the 4th Street Clinic, which provides free medical care to homeless individuals and families and the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen. He is also a supporter of Equality Utah and the ACLU. According to Netto’s Web site, “His number one priority is to advocate for social justice, including but not limited to LGBT equality, women’s rights, minorities, the impoverished, the homeless, those with physical and mental disabilities.”

Netto has also stated that his priorities include improving Utah’s education system, encouraging sustainable economic growth and protecting the state’s environment.

“Strong environmental policy is one of the best economic drivers in our tool kit,” he wrote on his Web site. “History has proven that strong and well planned environmental legislation has led to significant gains in technology and job creation. Our statewide policies must reflect forward-thinking growth and not reliance upon yesterday’s technologies.”

John Netto’s Web site is located at electnetto.com.


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