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Local Visionaries Rock the House

This year on St. patrick’s Day, after a heaping portion of corned beef and cabbage at Club Try-Angles, I jetted off with my lesbian friends, known as my “Lez Fest,” to Liquid Joe’s to check out the newly formed local band, with a history, called The Vision Revised. The quintet is made up of Secily Saunders (ex-member of The Debi Graham Band), Chandra Marie or “China Mae” (formerly of 3 Reasonz), Rob Alvord (once with the Eric Openshaw Band), Trevor Dimon (ex-member of Riverbed Jed) and Joel Dyer (aslo formerly of 3 Reasonz).


According to Saunders, 28 (who is also a music director/teacher at the School of Rock), the members of The Vision Revised have had history together: “I used to see Chandra at karaoke around town and pestered her many times to jam with me. Frustrated, I asked her one last time and she ran out to my car as I was leaving to exchange numbers. From there we started the duo The Dialectic Collective. Soon thereafter I moved to Los Angeles [and joined the band Ladysugar] for a couple of years.”

“As I was doin’ my thang she [Chandra] was actively pursuing many different musical outlets,” Saunders continued. “We knew one day we’d play again together but never thought it would be this soon. I moved back [to Salt Lake] sort of on a whim and we started jamming … with the drummer [Dyer] from one of her former projects [3 Reasonz], a bassist [Alvord] from yet another project [Ediphonic] and a fabulously talented keyboardist [Dimon]. Within about a week we booked a Sundance gig and played to a crowd stoked on what we had to offer.”

The crowd at Liquid Joe’s on that St. Patty’s Day night was also stoked by what the band had to offer. Their sound, a sort of alternative Americana (a little folky with a strong rock beat and soulful rhythm), really got the young crowd either moving to the groove or completely entranced — of course that may have been because Alvord was in nothing more than a pair of shamrock boxer shorts; his smooth, well-defined body and Edward Cullen-pale skin, less the glitter, is intoxicating (at least for the straight girls and gay boys).

China Mae, 28, lead vocalist, said their music, or the “Vision” of the band, is “a collective of personal and universal history, chords, rhythm and voices to speak to and for the masses … of travels before us and yet to come … a movement of unity.”

Alvord, 24, bassist, elaborated by saying: “To me ‘The Vision’ is an ideal that we try to portray through music and lyrics. That ideal being a positive, free, groovin’ world for all.” And Dyer, 29, drums, added with some humor: “Bring your masses and we’ll move their asses. Really though if you like a band with something to say that moves you with sound, that’s what we do.”

We have friends who have walked the country to make people aware of LGBT homeless youth and yet there are still so many lost and alone and afraid. We hope in what we do … in all our fun, exuberance, musicality, lyrics, and passion … that perhaps we can foment a positive change that will awaken the mind’s eye in all of us,” said Saunders.

Their next gig is April 30 at The Murray Theater, 4959 S. State St. Check it out, this is a good, lively band with an invigorating vision. To learn more about the band visit

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