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“To keep states from sliding down the slippery slope of national health care, Waddoups has — in effect — put many Utah citizens on a slippery slope to the grave.”
Deseret News editorial about a proposal by Senate President Michael Waddoups and the State Legislature’s Executive Appropriations Committee to refuse federal money to help Utahns with HIV/AIDS pay for their antiretroviral prescriptions.


“Sen. Michael Waddoups and his ilk have become the very death panel the GOP were fearmongers about.”
—Layton resident Braeden Jones in a letter to the same newspaper about the proposed cuts.

“[W]e’re quite prepared to answer any questions that President Waddoups or others might have about what does the grant cover.”
—Utah Department of Health Executive Director David Sundwall, as quoted in a blog post on KCPW.org.

“In many cases, what these ordinances actually do is speak to the intention of the community. … If you’re a young person or just moving into this area, what it says is that these are welcoming communities.”
—Brandie Balken, Executive Director of statewide gay and transgender rights group Equality Utah, commenting to the Deseret News about Salt Lake City’s recently enacted gay and transgender-inclusive housing and employment ordinances.

“I am so sick of this happening in Utah! When will our elected officials wake up to what their hateful and bigoted anti-lgbt rights agenda is costing their own citizens? When will the LDS (Mormon) Church learn what their intolerance costs thousands of families?”
—Activist Eric Ethington, blogging about an attack against two gay men outside the club Piper Down.

“Utah could become only the third Episcopal diocese with an openly gay bishop.”
—Lead sentence of a Salt Lake Tribune article, confirming that one possible replacement for Utah’s retiring Episcopal Bishop is an openly gay priest married to a man

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