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I love traveling. It doesn’t matter what kind — road trip, cruise, beach lounging, resort hopping. My favorite, though, is the kind where you go to a gay resort or bed & breakfast, curl up on a comfortable lounge chair by a pool or on the beach, and read a book. When it gets too dark — go shower, gussy up, and find the local gay scene. Until I went out “researching” for this travel issue, it had been a while since I’d had much success at doing just that.

Yes, this issue was a tiresome burden.

My first bed and breakfast experience was on a business trip to Chicago about 13 years ago. I was a bit nervous, because I thought it was going to be like staying at a stranger’s house. It was so fun, however, to actually interact with the owners and other (mostly gay) people on their vacations, I was hooked immediately. Owned by a gay couple, the house was immaculate, they were warm and friendly as can be, and my fellow visitors were very helpful in helping me find the fun things to do, places to be.

I’ve been to B&Bs and small gay resorts in over a dozen states, on both coasts and several places in-between.

I enjoy them so much that my fantasy is to semi-retire to a warm resort-ish town and run one myself. My leading contender for a location: Springdale, Utah.

So, it was with envy in my veins that I visited Joe Pitti and Mark Chambers at their new (to them) B&B in Springdale, right outside Zion National Park. I’d been watching their progress through Facebook and was so happy to see how well they settled into their new lives.

I decided the focus of this year’s travel issue would be gay-owned B&Bs and resorts within an 8-hour drive of Salt Lake. I chose three very different places: Joe and Mark’s mixed-crowd but very gay-friendly (of course) charming B&B, the 47-room Blue Moon resort for gay men, and the Bed and Buns B&B in Boise.

And now that I’ve had a taste of all three, I’m hoping that I can spend a week at each some time this summer and truly experience them.

Now, to figure out three books to bring along.

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