Guns Aren’t Ridiculously Mormon

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H. Rachelle Graham wrote that “Salt Lake Valley residents have bongs on dressers while Happy Valley has shiny guns inside dresser drawers” (“Lipstick Lesbian: Salt Lake Valley vs. Happy Valley,” QSaltLake, April 15).

Judging from her litany of comparisons, Utah County citizens who own firearms are ridiculously mistaken and too Mormon for her taste.

While it is true that Utah County citizens buy more firearms than do Salt Lake County citizens according to state firearm-transfer statistics (almost 4,600 in Utah County and more than 4,300 in Salt Lake County, January-March), the reasons they do so remain the same regardless of where they live and who they are.

The reasons for gay and transgender firearm owners should be obvious: We want to enjoy all our constitutionally protected rights and use the most effective means available to defend ourselves when needed.

That’s something she should understand. After all, she wrote that “[f]reedom to be oneself is at risk.”

David Nelson
Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah
Salt Lake City

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