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“They could lose their jobs, they could lose housing, they could lose their children because they don’t have legal rights.”

Hildegard Koenig, Utah Domestic Violence Council victim’s advocate, describing the challenges gay and transgender domestic violence survivors face in a Salt Lake Tribune story.

“I can live with matching Salt Lake City for now. But it’s something we will follow because all classes should have protection from discrimination.”

– Park City Mayor Dana Williams, telling The Salt Lake Tribune that he hopes to someday pass employment and housing protections for gay and transgender residents that do not allow some businesses to opt out.

“A media presence is important, but I find it hard to believe the only gay man available for interviews thinks he is an ’80s valley girl with the IQ of a sack of rocks.”

– University of Utah student Chris Wade in an opinion piece for The Utah Daily Chronicle, criticizing a 107.9 program featuring a “stereotypically over-the-top” gay man.

“We hate this. My staff and I have worked hard to make Piper Down a friendly-to-all place and we’re proud of our extremely diverse crowd we get every night.”

– Piper Down owner David Morris, commenting on a gay bashing at his pub in an article on activist Eric Ethington’s blog, Pride in Utah.

“At first glance, Utah is incredibly conservative. Yet, there’s an underlying layer of counterculture and opposition to the mainstream culture of Utah that thrives and should make Anchorage’s liberals blush.”

– Equality Utah intern (and native Alaskan) Josh Lee in a guest editorial for Anchorage Press.

“I personally have noticed that there is now a more inclusive atmosphere at SUU as a result.”

– Benjamin Smith, president of Southern Utah University’s Queer Straight Alliance, telling The Spectrum about a recent SUU policy forbidding discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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