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SNAP: Queer Sex Ed

Often, it seems like programming about sexual health is directed entirely at cisgender (non-transgender) gay and bisexual men. Since men who have sex with men tend to have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections like HIV, this focus is understandable — and probably necessary. But at the same time, it’s not really fair to transgender people and cisgender bisexual and lesbian women who do have sex lives and face the risks that come with them, despite what science, the media and U.S. culture seem to think. That’s why programming like the Utah Pride Center and sWerve’s Queer Sex Ed is so important for our community’s physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual health. When a majority of us aren’t sure how to even go about having safer sex or negotiating a mutually healthy relationship, none of us can truly be healthy. And Rose Ellen Epstein, Jordan Rullo, Lisa Diamond, Lilian Rodriguez and Bonnie Owens’ efforts at educating cis women and trans men and women not only about dental dams and saran wrap, but about all areas of sexual satisfaction has made Utah a better place for all queer people. We hope this program will become a yearly fixture in the Center’s roster.

SNAP: Gay Candidates

How awesome is it that all three candidates for the Salt Lake County Council’s District 1 seat were openly gay men? And how awesome is it that the two remaining contenders, Arlyn Bradshaw and Cal Noyce, are both experienced, considerate and compassionate men who are both well-suited for the office? While primaries are, indeed, expensive for candidates and time-consuming for delegates, this primary will be of interest to all Salt Lake County residents and all Utahns. After the resignations of openly gay Sen. Scott McCoy and openly lesbian Rep. Christine Johnson, our community needs to remember that we will have more gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in public office — and that their work will shape Utah for the better. Congratulations to both candidates. We are excited for June 22.

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