Getting Silly at Park Silly Market

Now in its fourth season, Park Silly Sunday Market begins June 14 and continues through Sept. 27, except for Kimball Arts Festival weekend on Aug. 2. Billed as an eco-friendly, open air market and street festival, the idea at Park Silly is to have fun and enjoy the community in Park City, while sustaining an environmentally-aware festival gathering in a dense population center.

Featuring arts and crafts, musicians, performance artists, chefs and local fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods from local farms — and silly theme weekends — Park Silly Sunday Market has something for everyone including activities for children. It is also wheelchair accessible and allows dogs on leashes.

The Park Silly Sunday Market is located on lower Main Street behind the Kimball Art Center. It encompasses the town lift plaza and the lower part of Main Street and sometimes creeps up side streets. Parking is available on upper Main Street, along Park Ave. and in public parking areas. Free buses still run in Park City and can carry bikes.

Taxi vans are available to pick up bikes and any heavier loads purchased at the market, if a ride in a vehicle is needed.

The Park Silly Sunday Market is a non-profit organization that was originally funded in 2007 by Park City Municipal with an Economic Development Grant. Attendance in the first year was estimated at 30,000 throughout the summer Sundays.

Intended and originally proposed as a green event by Directors Kimberly Kuehn and Jewels Harrison at Utah’s Non-profit Association Annual Conference, Park Silly Sunday Market’s main goal is to be a ‘zero waste’ project. The first year the market recycled 70 percent of all waste and was voted Best Recycler by Recycle Utah.

With increased attendance in the past three years, the organization is proud to have decreased actual landfill; it only sent two bags of non-recyclable garbage to the landfill last year while entertaining 90,000 visitors. Because of the increases in attendance are evident, Park City Municipal rewarded Park Silly Sunday Market with a $30,000 Economic Impact Study for consideration of extending the market’s contract.

Other eco-friendly actions by the Park Silly Sunday Market include a Solar Saucer which collects sun and then converts the energy into electricity for bands that perform at the market. It has also received a grant from Rocky Mountain Power that provides wind power for electrical purposes, and offers free booth space to a local or national environmental sustainability group so that they may educate and inspire the community each week.

Park Silly also offers other non-profit groups free booth space each Sunday to promote their mission, fundraisers, and initiatives.

New this year is the featured Chef Program. Each Sunday a local chef will present samples of his or her work and recipes, offer menus and coupons for the restaurants they represent, and have an opportunity to give cooking demonstrations on the main stage which will be broadcast on the market’s PA system. The program begins at 11:15 a.m. and lasts until noon.

Sponsors this year will also get to present a specific theme for the Sunday event. They are encouraged to present their themes as a fun, all-inclusive Park Silly activity. QSaltLake is coming on board as a sponsor this summer and is planning to feature a Park Silly Gay Parade and host a hottest singles contest. In the Chef Program, QSaltLake’s restaurant reviewer, Drew Ellsworth, will present some tasty Bunsen burner appetizers. Q’s Park Silly debut is planned for Aug. 15 and more details about the Park Silly Gay Parade and activities will be forthcoming.

As the weather in Park City is usually about five to ten degrees cooler than it is in Salt Lake City, spending a Sunday afternoon at Park Silly Sunday Market can be a refreshing getaway from the heat and hustle of the capitol during the summer months. The community at large is also known to be more accepting of alternative lifestyles and more liberal ideals than most places in Utah. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, cycling, mountain bike trail riding and rock climbing, and then visit Park Silly for a bite to eat, great music, and visit to Park City’s retailers, artisans, local farmers and restaurants.

Park Silly Sunday Market will be held from 10 a.m.– 5 p.m. on Sundays starting June 14 and is still accepting sponsorship applications. For more information, visit parksillysundaymarket.com, visit the Park Silly Sunday Market office at 2210 Monarch Drive, Park City, or call 435-655-0994.

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