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SNAP: Claudia Wright

Whether or not you’re a supporter of Congressman Jim Matheson, it takes real courage, intelligence and dedication — and, some would say, optimism — to challenge a Democratic incumbent, particularly with so many Tea Partiers chomping at the bit and promising the biggest U.S. revolution since a bunch of patriots steeped Boston Harbor in Earl Grey. But school teacher Claudia Wright has all of these qualities and, as a civics teacher, the real working knowledge of the U.S. government that so many, including our representatives, seem to lack. Whether she outs Matheson in June or becomes a note in the history of Utah’s grassroots politics, we give her intelligent responses, honesty and commitment all the snaps that our fingers can give.

SLAP: University of Utah

How stupid is this? On the last day of spring semester, senior student columnists at the U of U’s newspaper, The Daily Utah Chronicle, engaged in a time-honored prank of hiding scatological and rude words in their last paper before graduation. Past choices have included such shockers as “balls,” “cum,” “boner” and the crowning insult in 2000: “HateU.” This year’s selection? The word “cunt” and the much tamer “penis.” (Hmm. There appears to be a trend.) An immature prank to be sure, but not one that should have resulted in a hold on anyone’s graduation. Yet that’s exactly what the U did, saying that the columnists had violated university rules which forbid “intentional disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings or university activities.” Granted, U officials have said that the hold is temporary while they “investigate” the issue (huh?). But this is still press censorship and, we think, borderline harassment. As fellow journalists, we have only one thing to say about this: U officials, get some testicular fortitude, take the sticks out of your asses and release the Nads 9 from graduation limbo before you make yourselves look like even bigger boners. That’s what we have BYU for, after all.

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