2010 Utah Pride Festival Entertainment Synopsis

For 2010, festival organizers took a good, hard look at the way entertainment at the annual festival was showcased. And in the end, they came up with one recurring truth: One must find some “festive” in “festival.”

So, with an upbeat atmosphere in mind, and a vision to be inclusive, expand choices and streamline festival entertainment, there are now four separately themed stages for this year’s Pride Festival. Each stage has been programmed with continuity in mind, both by genre and by the execution of the acts. The stages have been named by their location on Washington Square and what to expect from the entertainment on stage.

North/Main Stage

The North/Main Stage is the largest of the four stages and will house festival headliners and larger acts. Programming on this stage will be sewn together with a master of ceremonies and smaller, vibrant acts between main courses. Acts on Saturday night will include Saliva Sisters, DC Cowboys and Backdoor Burlesque. The headliner for tonight will be Sandra Bernhard and DJ Jesse Walker will host the late-night dance party. Sunday will include Backdoor Burlesque, DC Cowboys, Angie Evans, Aztec dancers, the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, headliner Martha Wash and DJ Claudette.

South/Dance Stage

It’s a party, right? And what do we like to do when we party? Dance! The 2010 Utah Pride Festival will feature a dedicated dance stage on the south side of Washington Square. The South/Dance Stage will feature a DJ, stage, dance floor and vodka bar hosted by Effen Vodka. Salt Lake City clubs will sponsor the dance zone with Club Sound throwing a party on Saturday night and clubs Jam and Pure on Sunday afternoon.

East/Café Stage

The East/Café stage, flanked by the Café Marmalade and a wine bar, was designed for acoustic-sounding entertainers to have a more intimate space in which to perform. Acts on Saturday will be family-friendly to coincide with the kids’ carnival zone. Acts on Sunday include Andrew Livingston, Misty Rivers, Lost by Reason and Otter Creek.

West/Interactive Stage

The West/Interactive Stage was a new feature for the 2009 Utah Pride Festival and was met with a resounding success. Here, festival participants may join in the fun during a karaoke competition, speed dating, a free dance class, a round of “Are You Smarter Than a Cyber Slut” and more!

For a complete listing of artists, locations and times, please visit utahpridefestival.org.

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