A Message from Grand Marshal Dottie

First of all I wish ta thank alla those who have so lovingly and willingly accepted Sister Dottie S. Dixon and what I try ma hardest ta symbolize, represent and stand up fer! Through ma two radio shows, the many perfarmances of The Passion of Sister Dottie S. Dixon, the numerous appearances at impartant events and fundraisers that I have had the privilege of attendin’, Sister Dottie has been welcomed, accepted, awarded and celebrated, and fer them blessin’s I am truly grateful! All I have done is ta stand up fer what’s right. I am humbled, honored and tickled totally pink ta be the Grand Marshal fer Pride Festival 2010. I wanna thank them that chose me and alla you who have supparted me, I hope I make alla ya proud!

Now getting’ downta what PRIDE means. Sister Dottie is a super-duper catalytic converter of a mother who is demandin’ CHANGE. Parents, expecially mothers in our communities and state need ta engage and embrace their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children. Those who tell em’ they must choose their church over their child, well they are simply dead wrong! There should no longer be the possibility that a young or not sa young gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person is outcast, homeless, provided protection and family preservation, or most importantly denied LOVE!

A new dear friend of mine recently enlightened Sister D. that CHANGE usually happens through three methods: litigation, legislation and LOVE. Sister Dottie has, and always will, stand on the side of LOVE.

Many have asked what is PRIDE fer me really? Well I think that we needta take back our PRIDE, and take it back by takin’ ACTION. Fer me it means the following:

•  We all need ta raise our voices and SHOUT out our values of compassion and love in the face of oppression and fear.

• We all need ta create CHANGE locally, in our state, and nationally ta heal divisions in our communities and country.

• We all need ta choose LOVE. It is the best way ta cooperate and create long-lasting improvements fer the marginalized in our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

• We all need ta reach out and step up as individuals, as neighborhoods and as organizations that choose LOVE.

• We all need ta discover and find ways ta impact those affected by oppression and violence and ta get together and organize in standin’ together on the side of LOVE.

• We all need ta take responsibility by respondin’ always ta incidents of inequality, exclusion, oppression and violence.

•  Everyone of us is required ta jump inta action ta welcome, embrace and LOVE all people, particularly in the face of FEAR. Fear and control are the enemies of acceptance and celebration of every single person bein’ JUST WHO THEY ARE!

I have had the good fortune to hear of very many important conversations that are takin’ place in homes all across Utah — conversations about understandin’, acceptin’, kindness, healin’ and LOVE. Those need ta be ongoin’, growin’ stronger, and bein’ supparted by all of us who stand on the side of love.

Pride, freedom, choice and action, are the tools ta create our own power and ta create much better conditions of life by actin’ with compulsion and conviction.

That renewal of strength has lead me, Sister Dottie S. Dixon, ta reveal ma “Battlehymn Bill of Rights:”

  • Families are ta be preserved.
  • Do not choose your church over your child.
  • Stand up for your rights and for the rights of those you love.
  • Speak out even if you’re terrified.
  • Put everything on the line.

That’s what Pride means ta me! Havin’ a quality life, making change occur, havin’ really positive self-esteem fer ourselves, and acceptin’ nothin’ less than full equality, justice and self-respect.

Takin’ Back Pride is HOW we do that. UTAH is where this conversation NEEDS ta occur.

I wish every single person attendin’ any parta the 2010 PRIDE Festival the very best time possible, be smart, be safe, be strong and stand on the side of LOVE!

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  1. You go Sister Dottie!
    May this be a great event for all.

    (don’t ferget the doughnuts dear)

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