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SNAP: Logan City

In a number of surprise upsets — including a jump forward, then backwards in time on the council agenda — Logan has become the fourth in the state to protect gay and transgender people from housing and employment discrimination. But the most surprising thing of all? Many did not see Logan coming in ahead of several “more liberal” cities and counties that are currently considering ordinances modeled after Salt Lake City’s groundbreaking 2009 efforts. The takeaway lesson here isn’t just that allies and fair-minded people can be found in all corners of the state, but that those allies and fair-minded people can get things done in all corners of the state — even if that corner is a solidly “conservative” one. We heartily snap at Logan’s City Council and the hardworking folks of all orientations and gender identities who brought the ordinances to their attention and worked to make them a reality.

SNAP: Claudia Bradshaw

It’s a great day when we can’t find much to complain about in this section, and one of the things we’re definitely not complaining about is Claudia Bradshaw. In the wake of a policy change that allows gay-straight alliances in all of Washington County’s high schools, Bradshaw, Southern Utah’s PFLAG president, held a gathering for families of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. Its goal was to give parents and guardians a safe space to ask for advice and to deal with their feelings around their children’s coming out. Given that family support has a tremendous bearing on the health and safety of queer youth, helping them become positive, accepting places is some of the most important work queer people and their allies can be doing. Kudos to Bradshaw for tirelessly stepping up to the challenge.

SNAP: America Forever

Materials for poorly spelled and hideously designed anti-gay fliers and signs? Roughly $50. Justifying the need for the ordinances you’re protesting by booing gay people and going off on a bizarre rant in front of Logan’s City Council? Priceless. There’s a reason why four out of five QSaltLake readers prefer this anti-gay group to The Sutherland Institute, which, for all its failings, is at least somewhat more difficult to mock. Note: We actually sort of just made up that four out of five statistic. But feel free to correct us if we’re wrong, anyway.

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