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SNAP: Utah Pride Festival 2010

Saying that the Utah Pride Festival just keeps getting bigger and better with each passing year feels like a cliché. But it’s a cliché that is also true. This year’s parade entries were louder, prouder and more decorative than ever (speaking of which, we’re very proud of our ginormous gay superhero), and numbered close to 90. The festival grounds were enlivened by ongoing entertainment on four stages which included a surprise appearance by Sarah Palin herself — or, at least, a Salt Lake Acting Company impersonator who has the former Vice Presidential candidate’s hairstyle and mannerisms down pat. Although the Utah Pride Center, which runs the festival, won’t have an official estimate for some time, we expect that attendance numbers will match or exceed those of last year. Hats off to Utah’s best party and to the solidarity, strength and visibility it encourages. After all, fun and fancy aside, the festival is a constant reminder to ourselves and to Utah at large that we are a powerful and large political and social force who can’t be ignored or silenced.

SLAP: Sen. Orrin Hatch

Now that Sen. Bob Bennett has lost his job, Utah’s other senator appears to be panicking. In a town hall meeting at Dixie State University, 34-year Senate veteran Orrin Hatch discussed his stances on such hot issues as immigration, the national deficit and the fact that gays and lesbians don’t tithe and have no religion but politics. Huh? Hatch’s bizarre and random assertion might have won him points among anti-gay Republicans, but he now looks like an ass, and an ass who can’t stick to the important issues besetting our country today. Since even a half-hearted and evasive apology is probably not forthcoming, maybe tithe-paying, religious Utahns who identify as queer should send him some letters to disabuse him of his bigoted notions. Or pray for him at the very least.

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