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“Equality Utah’s “10 in 2010″ initiative is well underway. With a final goal of getting 10 cities or municipalities in Utah to pass Housing [sic] and Employment [sic] protections before the 2011 legislative session, they are now 6 for 10 with the addition of Summit County.”

– Local activist Eric Ethington, writing about Summit County’s passage of Salt Lake City-style ordinances.

“It’s like we’re a second thought/ Everyone talks about being inclusive, diverse, but how do we get there?”

Alex Moya, director of the Utah AIDS Foundation’s Hispanic and Latino outreach program Hermanos de Luna y Sol, talking to City Weekly about the lack of institutional support for gay and bisexual Hispanic Utahns.

“I was completely ignored and shunned. I had nothing to do all day but wander around the store wearing a yellow vest no one else had to wear, much like Jews had to wear a yellow star [sic] of David in Hitler’s Germany.”

– Former Las Vegas Walmart employee Fernando Gallardo telling The Advocate that he was harassed at work after his supervisor demanded to know if he was gay.

8 is most coherent as a chilling confirmation of both the mind-warping power of an institution like the Mormon Church and the extent to which politics is, above all, a marketing game.”

–         Critic Michelle Orange’s review of 8: The Mormon Proposition, a documentary exploring the LDS Church’s role in backing California’s Proposition 8.

“[S]ometimes [directors Reed] Cowan and [Steven] Greenstreet’s zeal clearly gets the better of them. Their imagery is at times overly dramatic … and they fall back on idiotic quotes uttered by anti-gay-rights advocates like Utah Sen. Chris Buttars. But the lack of polish doesn’t tarnish the truth of the story: how an institution claiming to speak for God turned its dogma into law, and shattered the lives of real, loving people in the process.”

Scott Renshaw’s review of the documentary in City Weekly.

“In a country that is still struggling when it comes to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, Utah has been an unlikely contender in the fight for equality.”

–         Mallory Rogers, a columnist for University of Utah student newspaper The Daily Utah Chronicle, in a piece about the Utah Pride Festival.

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