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SNAP: Equality Utah

We haven’t said this for awhile, but damn, Brandie Balken and her staff are awesome. In six months their tireless efforts have resulted in four Utah municipalities passing employment and housing protections for gay and transgender people. Considering that four is also the number of their fulltime staff, this is nothing short of incredible. This isn’t to say, of course, that citizen activists in several counties and cities haven’t played a tremendous part in these successes, only that they’d probably be further behind without the leadership of these remarkable women. Their goal is to see at least 10 cities and counties pass these “Salt Lake-like” ordinances before the next six months are over, and they can’t do it without our help. So keep writing and calling your city and county councils, writing in to your community papers and talking to your neighbors, coworkers and loved ones about the importance of equal housing and job rights. Oh, and be sure to donate to Equality Utah too, if you can. And long may Balken and co. keep our fingers stiff with snapping.

SLAP: Sen. Orrin Hatch

Oh my. He just keeps swallowing and swallowing that foot of his, doesn’t he? Senator, to bastardize Oscar Wilde: To make one anti-gay remark may be regarded as a calculated political move; to then call it a compliment just looks like election year desperation.

SNAP: Summer Doldrums

Ahh, the summer solstice! As fun as Utah Pride always is, it never fails to leave the staff here at Q Towers a little tired (you all followed the saga of building the gianormous queer superhero on Facebook, right?). So now that we’re all partied and paraded out, we’re looking forward to a long, hot summer of sports, Cyndi Lauper, the Red Rock Women’s Music Festival, Lagoon Day and, of course, just chilling out. Now if only we don’t forget out sunscreen …

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