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“She’s been very articulate with her issues. She’s been very matter-of-fact, and I respect that.”

–  Rep. Jim Matheson, praising Democratic challenger, openly lesbian Claudia Wright, to The Salt Lake Tribune.

“That’s one of the biggest complaints I heard from people around the state.”

–  Claudia Wright, telling the Tribune that Matheson’s constituents are unhappy with his inaccessibility, including his preference for telephone town hall meetings rather than life appearances.

“[O]bviously there were some new people that voted. We probably failed to look at that.”

Cal Noyce, Democratic hopeful for Salt Lake County Council District 1’s seat, telling the Tribune that his strategy of targeting regular primary voters may have contributed to his loss to Arlyn Bradshaw.

“Thanks so much to EVERYONE for your help and support on the campaign. The result is obviously very close, and the Salt Lake County Clerk advises there are many early, provisional and VBM votes yet to be counted, so it is possible the outcome will change. That said, I do wish to congratulate Mr. Briscoe and his team on running an [sic] solid race!”

– District 25 Democratic hopeful Anthony Kaye, in a Facebook message on the night of the primary, congratulating challenger Joel Briscoe on his win.

“We’ve known that this has been an issue in our community for a long time.”

–  Jennifer Nuttall, Adult Programs Director of the Utah Pride Center, talking to the Deseret News about the high usage of tobacco among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

“I have concluded that, based on evidence rather than blind faith, General [Elena] Kagan regrettably does not meet this standard and that, therefore, I cannot support her appointment.”

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, explaining why he will not support confirming Kagan, who is rumored to be lesbian, to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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