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We don’t give these guys and gals enough credit, especially when they’re not spinning their flags and wooden riffles at one of our parades; but they’re a pretty awesome group. It’s not just any old color guard who can take multiple awards at Las Vegas Pride, serve as ambassadors at local functions and get someone so excited about their art that she gives them money to come and perform in her home city. That’s why we’re so proud to hear that they wowed the Denver Pride Festival last month — and even had some pride-goers excited to start their own color guard. When we say that ROTC-SLC is one of the best gay and transgender-friendly twirling corps in the West, we’re not exaggerating.

SLAP: LDS Church Leadership

Uh, President Monson? Just so you know, a church can’t be uninvolved as an institution in a country’s debate over legalizing gay marriage if it allows a high-ranking church official to attend a rally against legalizing gay marriage. Even if you didn’t exactly tell Argentine Mormons to empty their pocketbooks and spend their Friday nights phone banking for the cause. Getting involved isn’t just about giving the world Proposition 8.2: Electric Boogaloo. And saying otherwise is cheating. And being dishonest.

SNAP: The Kindness of Strangers

On July 15, QSaltLake publisher and editor Michael Aaron’s dog Chance wandered off for a stroll and didn’t come home. Staff, readers and Aaron himself were beside themselves with worry about the little guy until, a week later, a kind couple found him running down I-80, chased him down and brought him home — limping, dirty and hungry but no worse the wear. It’s often said that all dogs go to heaven, but we’re pretty sure that people who help lost and confused pups back to their homes are also on the fast track to the pearly gates. If you’re reading this, kind strangers, thank you from all of us here at Q Towers.

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