What to Expect This July

As I rolled out of bed all excited for Independence Day, I remembered that it was falling on a Sunday this year, and that I’d have to hold my personal excitement for another day.

But as it turns out, this one day wait was a good thing, because our community got an excuse to party for an extra night (like we need an excuse). Most enjoyed double the fireworks, double the BBQs, and, of course, double the drinks. Of course, many of our fine establishments cashed in on this double holiday; but don’t expect that to happen again for a few more years.

One thing you can expect next year, though, is that JAM will be packed just like it was this year. I could not believe myself as I stood in line only to enter the club. It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. The usual suspects already had drinks in hand and more were arriving by the time I got in. This was truly “the place to be,” so mark your calendars early — as I’m sure you all plan ahead like I do.

After the fireworks lit the sky and only smoke remained after the excitement, I immediately wondered what was in store for the rest of the summer (besides the well known “Cinco de Momo,” or Pioneer Day for you politically correct people). But luckily, our community is never without an event. There is (or “was,” when this gets printed) QSaltLake’s annual Beach Party at Club Tri-Angles. This should prove to be an interesting event, as no member of the community seems to be able to keep themselves from attending an event designed around warm weather, swimsuits and alcohol. Although I was intrigued when I heard there would be a “Gay Celeb Dunk Tank.” What, exactly, is a “Gay Celeb?” A celebrity in general? A celebrity in Utah? I’m unfamiliar with anyone who is a “Gay Celeb” in Utah (although people who fear not being seen on any given weekend might attempt to label themselves as such). Regardless, the beach party should be a nice summer event worth checking out, especially because it benefits the newspaper’s Q Cares Foundation and the People with AIDS Coalition of Utah.

As for our usual nightclub establishments, there are some good evenings coming up that should promise to be most entertaining. Club-Triangles also has pool tournaments on Wednesday and poker nights on Thursday. Since I’m always excited to be involved in “get rich quick” schemes, I hope to see you all there, so bring your wallets!

Moving onto Studio 27: from ice sculptures over fresh fruit to burlesque shows, this up and comer seems to know what Salt Lake City needed from a new nightclub. I won’t say too much about their “Speed Dating” night — you’ll have to visit and see for yourself.

Regardless of the night or venue, it’s summer. Most people are at pools or BBQs or otherwise entertaining themselves outside of the nightlife scene. I hope this fact will quickly become a myth since I know that every bar, club and lounge is working hard for us: to make us feel welcomed and appreciated and to always make sure our drinks are cold and come with a smile (and the occasional slap on the ass).

See you all out and about, and never be a stranger. Say hi when you see me and let me know your thoughts on Salt Lake City’s nightlife and what you would or wouldn’t like to see come from your community of support.

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