See and Be Seen

Lately, I have found myself (along with many others) staying in from the heat, and until this moment I haven’t been able to figure out the cause of this “rut in my gut,” if you will.

“So I don’t go out every night.” No big deal, right? But the more I said this, the more I realized that it was becoming an excuse; “So I don’t go out every weekend” turned into “Wait, why am I not going out?”

It was a strange thought to have — that I went from going out nearly every weekend to barely once a week. It wasn’t until this past weekend (known as Mormon Mardi Gras in some circles) that I finally got out into the nightlife world, and I must say I have missed it.

So many great people were out in full force enjoying themselves, relaxing as we near the end of the month. This truly reminded me why, regardless of the establishment, it is the people that make a night worthwhile. Seriously, think about the last time you went out. What was your experience? Was it positive? Was it negative? Now ask yourself why. I’m willing to bet your answer will be positive, negative or indifferent based on the people you surrounded yourself with that night.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is inherently social — it’s truly a borderline obsession with some people, but social nonetheless. Everyone — gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgender — wants some form of attention, whether it’s being noticed for being at every event, party or BBQ, or through winking at the bartender pouring your vodka-Redbull. Personally, I think the concept of “see and be seen” works in a lot of ways here: You’re single and seek attention of others; you’re in a relationship and only seek the attention of your partner, or a combination of both!

What I have seen lately (and think is a wise promotional and marketing ploy) is creating evenings with an inclusive language marketing campaign. This draws in a sense of commonality and in some cases camaraderie for those without either a group or someone special to venture out with.

Ultimately, we all go out to see and be seen regardless of who we’re with, where we are or what we’re doing. It’s in our blood to get dressed, glittered and all dolled up as we head out into the evening.

I leave you with this: Dear Weekend, I, like many others have missed you, and I am sorry for hiding during the past few weeks. I wish you to open your arms as you once did, shielding us from the long week we endure. I look forward to the familiar faces, places and new adventures to come.

Sincerely, Hunter + Friends.

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