QSaltLake Day at Lagoon Expected to Be Largest Ever

“I’m here for the hottie convention,” was on about a dozen of the hundreds of red T-shirts donned by lesbians, gay men and friends at last year’s annual Q Lagoon Day. Indeed, many park regulars wondered if there is a convention of sorts as the park is awash in red.

This year, says QSaltLake editor Michael Aaron, looks to be shaping up to be the largest turnout ever.

“Last year, we believe we had over a thousand people join us at Lagoon Day,” said Aaron. “The buzz this year is at a much higher squeal.”

Usually held on the third Sunday in August, Aaron chose to move the day off of the KUTV 2-for-1 day.
“While it was fun to be in a huge crowd and save a few extra bucks, it was also nearly impossible to get on rides,” explained Aaron.

Sunday, Aug. 8 is the big day, beginning at 11:00 a.m. The Maple Terrace, north of Lagoon-A Beach and next to the Jumping Dragon ride, is available all day for a respite or food break. Several community organizations are planning to have scheduled picnics in the terrace. Outside food and drink is allowed in the pavilion area only.

The Maple Terrace will also be the venue for the annual group photo at 4 p.m.

The official after party will be held at Club Try-Angles. The bar will be closed until 6:00 p.m. to allow the staff to enjoy the day at the amusement park.

Official T-shirts, in sizes ranging from small to XL, are available at the QSaltLake offices, 1055 East 2100 South, Ste 206, for a $5 donation to the QCares Foundation.

Discount coupons, good for up to eight people, are available at Cahoots, Club Try-Angles, Off Trax and the QSaltLake offices. Coupons will get each person in the park for $34.36 plus tax — a savings of over $8.

As with Gay Days at Disney and other theme parks around the country, the Lagoon Corporation is merely the venue to the day and does not sponsor or endorse it.

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