JoSelle’s Cat Talks with Roxanne Hunt–Again

When we profiled Roxanne Hunt back in April of 2008, I asked her to speak with my cat, Oscar, in order to get an idea how she works with our four-legged friends. Not wanting to be too repetitious, this time I asked her to speak with one of my grandmother’s cats, a pretty 8-year-old Siamese named Asia. Lounging beneath an end table near the computer, Asia seemed unperturbed at this interruption in her busy daily schedule of eating, napping, meowing to be let outside, sleeping, dozing and did I mention snoozing?

In the 15-minute session that followed, here are some things I learned about one of my feline overlords.

Asia lives with two cats, one she is indifferent to and one with whom she shares a strong bond. These would be, respectively, her two offspring, Boswell and Nemo. She’s always adored Nemo but tolerated Boswell, who seems to tolerate both of his family members.

Here’s where things get especially interesting. I asked Hunt to talk to Asia about a neighbor kitty named Tessa. With no information to go on other than a name, she said that Asia thought this cat had died. Interestingly, Tessa’s family moved away six years ago, which Hunt said would have felt like a death to Asia (who, incidentally, had liked Tessa almost as much as she does Nemo).

“The feeling is almost matter-of-fact; Tessa’s gone,” she said.

This wasn’t the only time that death appeared in a roundabout way. Hunt noted that a man used to live in Asia’s house who “doesn’t live here anymore.” That man would have been my grandfather, who died in 1999—four years before Asia and her brood came to live with my grandma. When I pointed this out, Hunt said that the cat could have picked up on this fact, either from residual energy in the house or from seeing him (for the record, my mother just thinks she overheard us talking about my grandfather).

Most surprisingly, Hunt then asked if my grandmother had been ill recently because Asia had felt that she isn’t “available to her right now, to pet her and be with her.’ As a matter of fact, my grandmother had a nasty fall about two weeks ago and has both arms in casts. Definitely not an ideal situation for pets and snuggles.

Finally, Hunt observed that Asia had come into my family’s life in order to replace a cat who had recently left. Surprised, I told her that the cat who had lived with my family for 15 years had died the day before we found her and her kittens in our hedge.

Overall, Hunt’s perception of this kitty was that she was a “a little bit snobby, but nice and loveable.”

“I like this cat,’ she said.

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