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“These days, every time the gay-marriage issue rears its head, I’m reduced to a blob of emotional jelly. Not again! I think in italics. I was just getting used to domestic bliss; now I’ve got to spend all my time thinking up new ways of justifying our existence, my cerebral italics continue. And while I’m doing that, who is supposed to take care of the dirt, grease and stains in our family wash?

City Weekly columnist Brandon Burt, blogging about gays, Proposition 8, political football and midterm elections.

“We do a lot of protests in Utah. Utah is a state that you have to fight tooth and nail for them to recognize you as a human being.”

– Local activist Eric Ethington, talking to TIME magazine about a rally he organized in time for the Aug. 4 Proposition 8 ruling.

“Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s ruling on Proposition 8 in California is just what you would expect of a judge nominated by President Reagan and again by George H. W. Bush, confirmed by the U.S. Senate on unanimous consent presumably with support of both Utah Senators Jake Garn and Orrin Hatch. He applied the law.”

Rob Miller, writing about the ruling in the Davis County Clipper.

“One federal judge trumped 7 million voters by making up a right that is not in the Constitution. This is what happens when judges make up the Constitution as they go along when judges rather than the Constitution are the supreme law of the land.”

– Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, as quoted in the Deseret News.

“We’ll go as soon as we can.”

– Utah gay rights activist Jeff Key, telling The Salt Lake Tribune he hopes to wed his partner Adam Nelson in California.

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