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SNAP: Queer Oral History Project

While Proposition 8’s demise was a thing of joy, beauty and wonder, its timing had the unfortunate effect of stomping all over the second presentation of an equally beautiful and wonderful thing: the Queer Oral History Project. Yes, the presentation of several interviews with over 30 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Utahns conducted in 2009 and 2010 unfortunately (though understandably) were steamrolled by rallies and parties to celebrate the striking down of the most hated piece of anti-gay legislation since DOMA. But thankfully, those who missed the lecture can go to to see Babs DeLay, Randy Burks, Joni Weiss and a QSaltLake staffer talk about growing up in Utah and the legacy of Matthew Shepard. Check it out — especially if you’re under 30 and want to learn about the experiences of your queer elders.

SLAP: California Gay Marriage Delays

So. Anyone else want to join us in banging our heads against our desks?

SNAP: Our Pets

Yes, this list is noticeably barb-free this issue, but it’s the middle of August and we’re all melting, so what can you do? Whether we have children or not, whether we’re coupled, poly or single – queers are, overall, a pet-friendly people. Whether they go on four paws, four hooves, feathery wings or scaly bellies, our pets enrich our lives and make us kinder, gentler and more patient people (and in the case of cat owners, properly trained and obedient). Show your pet some love by spoiling them with a treat or two, or just by giving them a hug or a smooch. Just don’t kiss any fire belly toads. Those things are kind of poisonous.

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